The Power to Build People, Not Just Products

product coaching Jan 26, 2024
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Product coaches play a crucial role in the world of product management. The industry is often consumed with solving problems for others, leaving little room to tend to internal team needs. However, bringing in an outsider with the sole objective of enhancing the product building experience can be a game-changer. Whether your area of expertise lies in a specific aspect of product management, as a product coach, you have the unique opportunity to enhance the overall product management experience for your clients.

Remember the feeling of excitement when you launched that first product or feature that truly satisfied users' needs? Whether it was a B2B tool that helped streamline workflows or a B2C app that sparked imagination, the creation of solutions that positively impacted people's lives was exhilarating. Now -imagine that feeling coming from the help you provide to other product professionals, giving them the tools to create successful products themselves. This is where product coaching comes in. 

Back in my corporate grind days, I saw firsthand the power of a well-designed product. But it wasn't just the features and designs that got me giddy, it was the people behind them – the passionate teams breathing life into their brainchildren. I craved to share the knowledge, the frameworks, the hard-won wisdom that could equip them to replicate that magic.

Product coaching became the career of my dreams. It's not just teaching, it's mentoring, cheering, and unleashing the inner product superhero in everyone I meet. It's witnessing that "Aha!" moment when when the lightbulb goes off, when a team cracks a breakthrough strategy, or when a product leader finds their voice. In those moments, the thrill isn't just theirs, it's mine too. It's the same rush I felt launching a killer product myself.

But the best part? It's not about me, it's about them. Watching individuals blossom, teams high-five in victory, and companies hit their stretch goals – that's the real magic. It's the ripple effect of empowered product professionals building solutions that impact millions. My clients' success, their ability to build products that matter, and create high-performing teams that love their work is the true definition of seeing success as a product coach.

Craving a career that's more than features and bug fixes? Product coaching is your chance to tap into your expertise and turn it into something legendary. You become a growth catalyst, a success champion, a builder of dreams, not just products. You get to experience the magic of product development, not from the sidelines, but hand-in-hand with others on their journey to make a dent in the universe.

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I can attest that it is more than just a career – it's a passion that prioritizes people above all else.



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