What if you could launch your business as a product coach with confidence?

career confidence product coaching Apr 04, 2024
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What if all of the feelings you have around launching your own business is what you need to finally believe in yourself?

It's okay that those feelings are mixed. Because two things can be true at once. 

  • You can be so excited at the thought of becoming a product coach and also really scared of finally getting to do strategy work. 
  • Jumping up and down about stepping into a new role as a fractional product manager but worried about losing your full time product manager paycheck. 
  • Confidently know you are incredible at your product work yet know there is so much you aren't great at when it comes to running your own business. (sales I am looking at you 👀)

These feelings mean you care. You are excited about becoming a business owner and you want to see it succeed. Of course you are going to question all of the what ifs. We would honestly be more worried if you weren't a little nervous. 

Because running your own business is hard, but it's worth it. No one ever really taught you how to do product, you learned it all on your own. Thinking about doing that all over again but when you ARE the product is scary. 

And let us be the first to tell you, yeah it's scary! Especially when you are doing it on your own, again. We launched our product coach + consultant businesses on our own and much like our product careers, it was rough and bumpy. 

Learning on the job - 

  • How to not charge offensively low rates (🥴 next time I'll go be a barista)
  • Where to invest money in your business and where not to (😬 to that $5k for marketing in a niche I never launched)
  • That clients don't just come knocking on our door so we found a way to enjoy sales (🤗 LinkedIn friends are the best part)

You are a product person. You know how to experiment and iterate. Which means you are already 5 steps ahead of most people stepping into entrepreneurship. You aren't afraid of "failing." You are afraid of not being able to support yourself and your lifestyle without burning out. 

And that's why The Brave Start exists 🙌🏼

Because you don't have to do it alone. We are here to help build the right foundation for your business to accelerate securing your first client. Step by step we teach you everything we learned along the way to launching and scaling 7-figure coaching + consulting businesses.

The first step... 

Believe in yourself! You absolutely have what it takes to be an incredible product coach and an entrepreneur 🚀



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