Is The Fear of Flying Solo Holding You Back?

product coaching Jun 10, 2024
The Brave Start Lonely Consultant



Being a product-preneur doesn't mean you have to be isolated.

The allure of being your own boss, shaping your schedule, and making a real impact is undeniable. Yet, the fear of isolation often holds talented product folks back from leaping into the world of product-preneurship. Here's the secret: going solo doesn't mean going it alone.

The Myth of the Lonely Consultant:

One major misconception is the picture of a lone consultant glued to their laptop, yearning for the camaraderie of a team. The reality? As a product-preneur, you'll be deeply embedded within your client teams. You'll collaborate closely with designers, engineers, and stakeholders, tackling real-world problems and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Building Your Product Coach Tribe:

But what about the broader community of product coaching minds? That's where the power of networking comes in. Surround yourself with other product coaches and consultants – your product coach tribe. 

And it is specifically why we created the Product Coach Academy! Because we launched ourselves as fractional product managers and product coaches completely on our own, creating that feeling of wishing there was feedback as we grew our businesses.

The Product Coach Academy is Your Collaborative Launchpad.

When you join the Product Coach Academy, you join a vibrant community of product entrepreneurs at various stages of their journeys. You'll connect with fellow coaches and consultants, fostering:

  • Impactful Partnerships: Imagine co-creating project solutions with complementary skillsets, expanding your service offerings and reaching new clients.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Learn from seasoned product veterans and share your own experiences, creating a hive mind of product expertise.
  • Mutual Inspiration: Find the motivation and camaraderie that fuels your product-preneurship journey. No more solo struggles – you'll be surrounded by inspiring peers who understand your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • Feedback Loops: Questioning if your proposal feels complete or if your sales outreach is effective for your funnel? Lean on your product coach community to get feedback. 

Embrace the freedom and flexibility of product-preneurship without sacrificing the power of connection. Join The Brave Start's Product Coach Academy and discover a supportive, collaborative community that will propel you towards product-preneurship success. Let's launch & scale together!

Curious about scaling your product practice?

 We share more details in this blog post. Hint: It's not when you are overworked and overwhelmed 😉


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