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career confidence product coaching Apr 23, 2024
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How We Conquered Our Fears(and You Can Too!)

Have you ever looked back at something you were terrified of and wondered, "Why on earth was I so scared?" We sure have, especially when it comes to our product management journeys.

The first memory that always pops up is the first time we uttered the dreaded "No". Saying no to the endless feature requests, taking a stand to protect our product strategy, and breaking free from the feature factory cycle. Standing by our values wasn't exactly comfortable territory, but it was necessary.

Then came the leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. We were terrified of being those "icky" salespeople or falling victim to the latest marketing fad. But we also had a deep belief in ourselves and our abilities. Just like we learned the ropes of product management, we knew we could figure this business thing out too.

Fast forward, and guess what? We made it! But not without a hefty knowledge bill paid in time and money.

It still hurts to look back at the $5,000 brand specialist expense before even researching our niche. Or charging ridiculously low rates before understanding value-based pricing? Fear of the unknown steered our investment decisions in the wrong direction.

Time and money are both investments. They deserve strategic allocation, not fear-driven choices. This lesson has been a constant battle in our businesses.

The turning point came during a recent call with our sales coach: "Fearful decisions are the top indicator of failure."

Fear thrives on painting worst-case scenarios, which triggers fight-or-flight mode. You either rush into a bad decision out of panic, or play it safe with the least uncomfortable option, which usually holds you back.

Scared to tell your network about your coaching services? That's a door shut on potential referrals.

Afraid to publish content because you might say the "wrong" thing? Silence becomes your enemy.

Nervous to follow up with a potential client? Watch them choose the person who doesn't hesitate.

Yes, fears of going solo are real, and failures are inevitable. But surrounding yourself with a supportive community who understands your journey can help you avoid repeating their mistakes and making the same stumbles.

So, what fear is holding YOU back?

What decision can you make TODAY to move through it?

Is not having a step-by-step plan a fear that's holding you back from launching your product coaching + consulting business?

Don't let that stop you! You can join us in our free course that shares the exact 5 steps we took to launch and scale our coaching businesses to 7 figures. Grab your spot & take it at your pace here!


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