Embracing Change: The Evolution of an Agilist

career confidence product coaching Sep 22, 2023
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What is an Agilist?

In the not-so-distant past, an Agilist was synonymous with unwavering devotion to the Agile Manifesto. This manifesto, with its values and principles, served as the gospel of Agile development. There was little room for dissenting opinions or alternative approaches within the Agile Framework.

The Winds of Change

As technology progressed and the world underwent significant changes, the strict adherence to the Agile Manifesto began to reveal weaknesses, particularly in product-based organizations. What was once considered an infallible doctrine began to lose its luster as the world transformed around it. Things began to shift from a focus on speed to delivery to delivering value.

Guided by Values, Shaped by Culture

The Agilists of today have undergone a transformation of their own. They no longer view the Agile Manifesto as an inflexible set of rules. Instead, they let its values act as guiding stars, illuminating their decision-making processes. Modern day Agilists have come to understand that the success of Agile practices hinges on their adaptability to an organization's unique culture.

The Rise of Customer Collaboration

One of the defining features of contemporary Agilists is their wholehearted embrace of customer collaboration. They recognize that fostering close ties with customers and leveraging iterative processes are essential for making customer-centric, data-driven decisions in software development. The best products solve real problems for customers, and you need customer input to know what the real problems are.

Beyond a Role, a Cultural Shift

It's important to note that being an Agilist is no longer confined to a specific role within an organization. It has broken those boundaries and become a mindset, one that must be woven into the very fabric of an organization's culture. In a product-led culture, every one should be proud to call themselves an Agilist!

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and business, the Agilist's role is not to adhere blindly to a set of rules but to adapt, evolve, and champion agility within their organization. This evolution is not a departure from the Agile principles but a realization that to truly embrace agility, one must be open to change and receptive to the nuances of a dynamic world.

In essence, an Agilist is not defined by dogma but by their ability to harness the core tenets of Agile thinking and apply them judiciously to propel their teams and organizations forward.


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